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    We are committed in providing excellent and environmentally friendly services.

Cleaning & Conservancy

Public Cleansing

In Singapore, we were awarded by the NEA for the cleansing of public areas including public roads and pavements in the North West and South West district which almost covers half of Singapore. Our street cleansing service also involves the cleaning of bus stops, clearing of all public litter bins.

We use our advanced equipment to ensure street cleanliness. These include high pressure water jetting of pavements, and the usage of mechanical road sweepers to clean up the streets. Our street cleansing services provides for a cleaner, neater and sustainable environment.

Cleaning Services

We provide a wide range of contract cleaning and conservancy services for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers. The scope of our cleaning and conservancy services typically includes general cleaning of buildings areas, such as common areas, offices, and specialised cleaning such as external facade, with using a combination of manual and mechanical means. Capital investment are translated into technological equipment and investment for our clients premises.