Our Edge

We are able to offer comprehensive environmental solutions to our customers.

Corporate Profile

800 Super is an established homegrown environmental services provider for the public and private sectors in Singapore. With a broad range of environmental services such as waste management and waste treatment, cleaning and conservancy and horticultural services, 800 Super is a front-runner in the waste management business.

800 Super’s waste management services include residential, commercial and industrial waste collection services, as well as recycling services. Cleaning and conservancy services comprise integrated public cleaning and contract cleaning services, which are provided to government agencies, residential, industrial, commercial and institutional customers. It also offers horticultural services, including landscaping, grass cutting and tree pruning services, to residential, commercial and institutional customers.

Since 2019, 800 Super also operates a self-sustaining integrated energy and resource recovery facility that houses Biomass Plant, Sludge Treatment Plant, Industrial Laundry Plant, animal feed processing and sterilising facility, and third-party ISO tank container heating facility.

Lee Koh Yong, Executive Chairman of 800 Super, said,

"800 Super’s evolution from a traditional waste management company to an environmental solutions provider that successfully creates value from waste reflects our commitment to drive business transformation through innovation. Our self-sustaining facility has a carbon-neutral footprint and is our way of contributing to Singapore’s vision of a circular economy. We will continue to leverage new business and technological opportunities to forge ahead in our business sustainability journey.”