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    Maintaining a beautiful and clean Singapore

Integrated Public Cleaning

In 2014, 800 Super was awarded by the National Environment Agency for the cleaning of public roads, public areas,  pavements, bus stops, waste bins, vacant lands, overhead bridges, underground passes and many public assets in the North Western and South Western regions that covers more than half of Singapore's land masses.

Advanced machineries, equipment and skilled workforces are deployed to ensure high levels of cleanliness standards. These include high pressure water jetting trucks, combo-tanker, excavating machineries and mechanical road sweepers are deployed to clean the streets and drainage systems effectively.

Committed towards a cleaner and beautiful Singapore 

800 Super commitment towards a cleaner and beautiful environment in Singapore started since 2009 when the company successfully bided and was continuously awarded by Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA) in the following cleaning contracts.

  • North Region (1 Apr 2023 - 31 Mar 2031)
  • South West Region (1 Sep 2014 - 31 Aug 2025)

  • North West Region (1 Apr 2014 - 31 Mar 2021)

  • North East Region (1 Sep 2009 - 31 Aug 2014)

With more than 11 years of dedication and expertise in cleaning three large districts of Singapore land masses, 800 Super continues to innovate with more efficient and effective methods and machineries in improving the cleanliness for many of the following public assets.

  • Public Roads

  • Drainage Systems and Canals

  • Trash Bins and Bus Stops

  • Overhead Bridges

  • Underpasses

  • Vacant Lands

  • Animal Carcasses

  • Beach fronts