Biomass Energy Production

800 Super’s Biomass Plant generates 2 million kilowatt-hours of renewable electricity monthly, which is equivalent to the amount of energy required to power about 5,000 four-room HDB flats a month, and more than enough to keep the entire facility running 24 hours a day.

Part of this renewable electricity is channelled to power 800 Super’s Sludge Treatment Plant. In turn, the sludge treatment process produces steam as a by-product, and up to 20 tonnes of this steam is currently harnessed at 200 degrees Celsius hourly, as a source of renewable energy to support its industrial laundry operations.

Biomass power generation uses biological waste material such as Horticultural waste from Nparks tree pruning and industrial wood waste derived from packaging and timber industries.  High calorific value waste material (wooden pallet, wooden crate, timber log and trunk) will be utilised for biomass fuel and whereas for the low calorific waste material  (leaves, fermented logs and branches) will be converted into organic compost for garden use.

The facility is equipped high productivity heavy duty machineries which capable of processing 16,000tons/month of wood and horticultural waste into biomass fuel for power plant fuel.