When garbage becomes useful again: How Singapore family business has maximised the value of waste

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800 Super adopts holistic approach as it diversifies from trash collection to sludge treatment and animal feed processing.

A year after announcing its first international contract, home-grown environmental solutions company 800 Super is buzzing with confidence. “Now we are more aggressive to go overseas,” says CEO William Lee.

The US$46 million 10-year contract for waste collection and transportation in one of the three zones in Phnom Penh City, Cambodia, is progressing “quite smoothly” since July 2021 after an initial delay in the delivery of the equipment, he adds.

This is not 800 Super’s first experience abroad. In 2017, the company opened its plastic recycling plant in Batam, Indonesia, but shuttered it after three years, citing administrative and regulatory challenges.

Its experience in Batam made it appreciate the assistance of Enterprise Singapore (ESG) as it worked towards beating some 20 other bidders for the Phnom Penh contract, says Mr Lee.


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